Cadets Programme

Partnership with SSTG
Founded over 30 years ago, the Ship Safe Training Group (SSTG) provides a recruitment and training service for over 30 member shipping companies operating a wide variety of different vessel types.

As a not-for-profit organisation, their success is founded on their expert knowledge of the Maritime Industry, their close relationship with their large and diverse group of Member Companies, and in the unrivalled support that they provide to all their Officer Trainees whilst at college and at sea.

DeltaMeco is proud to work in partnership with SSTG on marine related matters which include:

  • Recruitment and management of Trainee Deck and Engineering Officers
  • STCW Higher Certificate Training
  • STCW Short Course Training
  • All funding related matters
  • Representation at MNTB technical committee, Marine personnel committee marketing committee

Training and support for cadets
In partnership with SSTG, DeltaMeco ensures that all new entrant deck and engineer officers are provided with extensive training programmes that are organised and supervised to provide high quality and progressive training and support.

In return, trainees are expected to conform to all training, disciplinary and employment rules and regulations whilst on board ship and at college. In this respect, stringent drug and alcohol policies are in force.

Guidance is provided during both the college and sea based phases. Each cadet’s progress is monitored and supervised to ensure that they are receiving the assistance they need to succeed in the completion of their training programme. This includes a strong emphasis on the provision of appropriate support to assist them in acclimatising to life, work and training at sea.

By working with SSTG, we are confident that all of our cadets are well trained and ready for a career at sea onboard our clients’ vessels. For further information please visit

For help or assistance please call +44 1245 251 377, email
or send us an online enquiry.